Infografika o nevarnostih elektromagnetnih sevanjih


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"As in other cell systems, in HTR-8/SVneo cells the response to high-frequency EMFs was detected at the mRNA level after exposure to amplitude-modulated GSM signals. The present results suggest that the expression analysis for multiple transcripts, though encoding the same or similar protein products, can be highly informative and may account for subtle changes not detected at the protein level."
"Analysis of the affected gene families does not point towards a stress response. However, following microwave exposure, some but not all human cells might react with an increase in expression of genes encoding ribosomal proteins and therefore up-regulating the cellular metabolism."
"To explain the observed increase in the synthesis of 45S ribosomal RNA without an associated increase in its steady state level, the degradation and processing of the ribosomal gene transcript in the presence and absence of an ELF field were followed by pulse-chase 3H-uridine labeling. This revealed that ELF radiation accelerated both the processing and degradation of the ribosomal RNA transcript. During ELF exposure, the half-life of the 45S ribosomal RNA was decreased from 115 min. to 85 min. These results show that ELF can selectively affect RNA levels by modulating either the transcription rate and/or RNA post-transcriptional processing and turnover."

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