Infografika o nevarnostih elektromagnetnih sevanjih


1991 (7 od skupno 1352 raziskav)
"The low frequency modulated microwave irradiation yielded more morphological cell changes than did the continuous microwave fields of the same intensity. The amount of free negative charges (cationized ferritin binding) on cell surfaces decreased following irradiation by modulated waves but remained unchanged under the effect of a continuous field of the same dose. Modulated waves of 0.024 mW/g dose increased the ruffling activity of the cells, and caused ultrastructural alteration in the cytoplasm. Similar effects were experienced by continuous waves at higher (0.24 and 2.4 mW/g) doses."
"An association between the Denver Wertheimer-Leeper wiring configuration and childhood leukemia risk was observed (odds ratio for very high relative to very low current and underground configuration combined = 2.15, 95% confidence interval 1.08-4.28; p for trend = 0.008) and was not substantially altered by adjustment for potential confounding factors."
"These results suggest that microwave radiation can induce damage in the structure of chromosomal DNA."
"The influence of 2.45 GHz microwave radiation on the membrane permeability of unilamellar liposomes was studied using the marker 5(6)-carboxyfluorescein trapped in phosphatidylcholine liposomes. The release of the fluorescent marker was followed by spectrofluorimetry after an exposure of 10 minutes to either microwave radiation or to heat alone of the liposome solutions. A significant increase of the permeability of carboxyfluorescein through the membrane was observed for the microwave-exposed samples compared to those exposed to normal heating only."
"The EM fields alone had no effect on cell survival or induction of neoplastic transformation. However, enhancement of transformation due to EM fields plus TPA was highly significant and ranged up to a level equivalent to that produced by 1.5 Gy of X rays. The frequency of neoplastic transformation was dependent on the level of EM exposure and was additive with doses of X rays given as a cocarcinogen."
[The participation of thyroid hormones in modifying the mutagenic effect of microwaves]
Koveshnikova IV, Antipenko EN, Radiobiologiia, januar 1991
"The mutagenic effect of microwaves (2,450 or 2,750 MHz, 500 microW/cm2, 30 days, 7 h a day) increases with both low and high thyroid hormone content in rats. This indicates that normal functioning of the thyroid gland is an important condition for the stabilization of chromosome integrity under the effect of nonionizing radiation of microwaves."
"Exposure to microwaves at power densities of 10-50 mW/cm2 resulted in a dose-dependent increase in JEV-induced lethality. Mice did not become tolerant or sensitized to microwave potentiation of JEV-induced mortality because 4 daily exposures at 10 or 50 mW/cm2 (SARS, approximately 24-98 W/kg) did not alter the lethality pattern to subsequent microwave radiation of JEV-exposed animals. Similarly, hypercarbia (5, 10, and 20% CO2) was observed to produce a dose-dependent increase in JEV-induced lethality. Both microwave radiation and hypercarbia are thought to promote pinocytosis in CNS capillary endothelial cells. This may be one mechanism by which they enhance JEV-induced lethality in adult Swiss-Cox mice."

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