Infografika o nevarnostih elektromagnetnih sevanjih


1982 (4 od skupno 1352 raziskav)
"Tissue exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) and ELF-modulated microwave fields at levels below those inducing significant thermal effects has revealed highly nonlinear mechanisms as a basis for observed effects. Interactions of phonons and excitons along linear molecules may produce nonlinear molecular vibrations in the form of soliton waves."
Pulse Microwave Effects on Nerve Vitality
McRee DI, Wachtel H, Radiat Res, julij 1982
"In all three cases a significant decrease in the survival time of the exposed nerves, as compared to their unexposed mates, was seen."
"A 2450 MHz microwave oven was converted into a microwave incubator. Rat kangaroo RH5 and RH16 cells were incubated in the incubator and were subcultured every 5 to 7 days. The temperature of the cell cultures in the incubator was maintained at 37 degrees C. The cells were incubated with direct microwave irradiation continuously for 50 passages and then returned to a conventional incubator and allowed to grow for another 30 passages. Cell growth rate was significantly reduced after 7 or 15 subculture passages under irradiation. Chromosome aberrations emerged after the cells had been microwave-incubated for about 20 passages. The long-term irradiation caused 0.84 chromosome breaks per cell in RH5 cell cultures and 0.10 breaks per cell in RH16 cell cultures. After the cell cultures had been returned to the conventional incubator and maintained for 30 passages, the number of chromosomes breaks was greatly reduced in both cell cultures. The number of polyploid cells was increased to 35 percent and 31 percent during the irradiation, and was significantly reduced in the conventional incubator. Many RH5 cells lost one chromosome and became 10-chromosome cells. The number of 10-chromosome cells increased during irradiation and continued to increase after being returned to the conventional incubator."
"All of the available results demonstrated significant acceleration in the development of both spontaneous and chemically induced tumors in mice irradiated with 2,450-MHz MWs for 1-6 months. This phenomenon, accompanied by lowering of the natural anti-neoplastic resistance, as measured by number of lung cancer colonies, occurred both if Mws were applied before or simultaneous with treatment with the carcinogen (benzopyrene)."

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