Infografika o nevarnostih elektromagnetnih sevanjih


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"Humans and ecosystems are exposed to highly variable and unknown cocktail of chemicals and radiations. Although individual chemicals are typically present at low concentrations, they can interact with each other resulting in additive or potentially synergistic mixture effects. This was also observed with products obtained by radiation actions such as sunlight or electromagnetic fields that can change the effects of chemicals, such as pesticides, and metal trace elements on health."
Light alters nociceptive effects of magnetic field shielding
Koziak AM et al, Bioelectromagnetics, januar 2006
"Here, we report for the first time that if mice are exposed to magnetic shielding in the presence of visible light (0.6 W/m(2), 400-750 nm) that most of the effects of shielding are eliminated. This simple experimental protocol may be useful in investigating the role that light plays in the detection of ambient electromagnetic fields."
"The sensitivity of the brain to this type of visual stimulation was tested by means of objective electrophysiological methods such as electroretinography and visual evoked potential. A higher amplitude of brain cortical responses at all frequencies of stimulation was found when comparing patients with the control subjects, whereas no differences in retinal responses were revealed."

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