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1990 (3 od skupno 1352 raziskav)
The effect of microwave radiation on the cell genome
Garaj-Vrhovac V et al, Mutat Res, februar 1990
"Results discussed in this study suggest that microwave radiation causes changes in the synthesis as well as in the structure of DNA molecules."
"Exposure to radiation at either frequency at specific absorption rates (SARs) below 50 W/kg resulted in a dose-dependent, statistically significant increase of 3H-TdR uptake in PHA-activated or unstimulated lymphocytes. Exposure at 50 W/kg or higher suppressed 3H-TdR uptake relative to that of sham-exposed cells. There were no detectable effects of RF radiation on lymphocyte morphology or viability. Notwithstanding the characteristic temperature dependence of lymphocyte activation in vitro, the isothermal exposure conditions of this study warrant the conclusion that the biphasic, dose-dependent effects of the radiation on lymphocyte proliferation were not dependent on heating."
"Far-field exposures of male albino rats to 2.45-GHz microwaves (10-microseconds pulses, 100 pps) at a low average power density (10 mW/cm2; SAR approximately 2 W/kg) and short durations (30-120 min) resulted in increased uptakes of tracer through the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The uptake of systemically administered rhodamine-ferritin complex by capillary endothelial cells (CECs) of the cerebral cortex was dependent on power density and on duration of exposure. At 5 mW/cm2, for example, a 15-min exposure had no effect. Near-complete blockade of uptake resulted when rats were treated before exposure to microwaves with a single dose of colchicine, which inhibits microtubular function. A pinocytotic-like mechanism is presumed responsible for the microwave-induced increase in BBB permeability."

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